Smart Property Management

AboveBoard’s Property Management System automates workflow associated with building inspections, code enforcement, and other land management activities.

Easily conduct thorough facility inspections on any smart device—with or without an Internet connection.  AboveBoard integrates a mobile inspection app, a cloud-based platform and BI dashboards with your existing IT infrastructure to help you understand exactly what’s happening. Right now. Everywhere.

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always working, CONNECTED or disconnected

AboveBoards's offline functionality means work gets done, with or without an internet connection. 

works on any device

Build a world-class workflow on the inexpensive hardware you probably already have. Scale and include third parties with ease.

built around your process

AboveBoard automates your processes down to the inspector level, locking in consistency. Automated remediation plans can be created as a whole document or as individual tasks with due dates and criticality levels. Embedded reference information makes sure tasks are clearly communicated.

smart, integrated forms

Integration with existing asset management forms means teams aren't wasting time filling in information you already have. Forms change dynamically based on who you are, where you are and what you're doing. 

  • Time and date stamps 
  • GPS location
  • Existing facility, inspector and management information



WOrk smarter

  • Use smart phones or tablets to replace paper-based inspections
  • GPS location and time and date stamps provide automatic authenticity
  • Automate calculations, scoring and recommended actions
  • Show compliance regulations and recommended actions for specific scenarios
  • Setup workflow procedures that can trigger follow-up tasks and instantly alert appropriate parties upon form completion


  • Pictures of violations can be embedded into sections of the form and drawn over for future training purposes
  • Forms can instantly alert users to failing criteria and provide corrective actions or reference materials
  • Appropriate personnel can receive instant alerts from failures

GET things done

  • Implement checklists to ensure that tasks are completed—see where it was done, when, and by whom
  • Ensure proper process and necessary approvals with custom workflows
  • Use tasks and follow-up forms to help make changes, ensure proper execution, and track compliance
  • Send automatic email alerts triggered by one or many criteria

understand locations and trends

  • Plot locations on map and easily highlight performing and underperforming locations
  • Click and drag to drill down into datasets and individual inspections
  • Quickly understand if things are getting better or worse: by region, property management team, facility type, etc.
  • Track trends and forecast problems

How AboveBoard Works

Powering Your Team

Our software provides you with a turnkey solution for inspection, documentation and follow-up. It’s all built into our software:

  • Expertise is built-in, guiding the inspection process in detail.

  • Consistency is built-in, guiding the inspection process step-by-step.

  • Documentation is built-in, with the app storing all of the details as they are recorded

  • Accountability is built in, tracking who took what step in the process when and where

Our Own Expert Inspectors

While inspections are critical, not all operations can staff for them, or need to do so on a consistent basis. That’s where our inspectors come in. Our expert team built a solid inspection process based on standards and research from the National Electrical Code, National Fire Protection Association,  American Boat and Yacht Council and certified marina electricity specialists. As experts in that process, they can put it to use to deliver consistent, thorough inspections that are tremendously cost effective. And when problems are identified, we put together a highly qualified team tailor-made for the issues that need attention, or we report those problems to you with the details and tracking needed to address them.